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Las Vegas Wedding Photography - Photographer Paul Kuhn | Photographer for Weddings and Engagements | New York Wedding Photography 

Paul Kuhn | Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

Las Vegas Weddings

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Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
Paul Kuhn

Wedding Photography

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Congratulations to your engagement and one of the most beautiful days in your life!

Thank you for visiting my homepage! I love to see you here.

I would love to share these unique moments with you and I will make your day unforgettable!

Emotional & Natural

A Wedding is one of the most important days in life and wedding pictures capture these moments forever.
It’s an art to demonstrate the beauty of emotions during Get-Ready, the ceremony, bridal shooting and the party. Your guests are playing a big role to demonstrate this atmosphere and emotions.

Always there for you

I am there for you from the very first contact up to the design of the photobooks! I would love to talk to you about your ideas, plans and wishes, to be able to present you in the best light. I will share my experience with you and do my best to outperform your wishes or expectations.

The Art of Lightning

A very special challenge to a wedding photographer is to shoot at mostly unknown locations with unknown weather or light conditions. A good photographer needs to be able to adapt to these situations and make feel comfortable with them. This is only possible through many shootings and experience. Since I cannot chose the locations I am working with the environmental and/or additional lights to create romantic atmosphere and show the people in their glamour and beauty. A face needs dynamic and depth, and a body has to show curves and relaxed poses, We can emphasize this with the right lightning and exact positioning.

Wedding Photography

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